Description of Workshop

This workshop is principally designed as a team-building exercise, but also includes modules in communications and body language. It is a 1-day event delivered by Brian in collaboration with the actor and teacher Harris Gordon. It combines networking, movement and voice exercises, debate about how to best run meetings and presentations, and acting exercises.

The culmination of the day is with teams rehearsing and staging a short play based on the topics discussed during the day.

Who is this for?

This workshop is for any department or team that would like a team-building activity where participants get to know each other better, learn new skills, discuss the culture of communication within their organisation and have fun.


  • Learn how to shake hands and greet someone new
  • Practice the elements of a successful first conversation
  • Art of the Actor – Move and stand with purpose and confidence
  • Draw up guidelines for effective meetings
  • Speak with conviction
  • How to move like Bruce Lee
  • Devise a short play with your workmates