Leadership and learning are indispensable to each other
– John F. Kennedy

Nobody teaches us how to be leaders – what it means, what it will take, and what skills are necessary.  Our traditional education system doesn’t teach us this, we learn it by ourselves (if we’re lucky). Furthermore, we are not given the opportunity to experience being a leader in a safe learning environment before being plunged into the real world of making difficult leadership decisions – we have no chance to rehearse, to practice and get feedback on our leadership skills.

However, it is possible to anyone to learn leadership – there are specific skills that can greatly improve your capacity to lead, And it is possible to create “safe” spaces where leadership can be practiced and rehearsed in real-life situations, but with the safety net of being in a simulation.

The team at Performing Ideas has worked extensively as designers, facilitators and teachers in a range of leadership programmes for high performers in leading institutions around the world.