We do not lack challenges. The Covid-19 pandemic means that organisations working in business, healthcare, democracy, privacy, identity and education are all facing fundamental challenges and change. However, the pandemic is not the change, it is the revealer of the change. Many of the trends were already long under way.

At the same time, there have never been more and better means to deal with these changes and reshape the world in favour of everyone. We have the technologies and we have much better ways for communities to work together towards a common purpose through new means of communication and collaboration. And in the last decade, we have seen sophisticated and ground-breaking methodologies and approaches to innovation being developed by some of the most impactful companies in the world.

Companies will now more than ever need to quickly learn and use these methodologies to not only find solutions to new problems in their core business, but also to look outside of their core business to find, de-risk and embark on new business opportunities. Ideation Labs run facilitated by Performing Ideas have guided leaders and executives from global tech corporations, non-profits, business schools, governments and start-ups along their own unique paths as they shape the future and meet the grand challenges that lie ahead.

We can help you articulate a clear path to toward the future, develop a mindset to follow and keep to that path, and provide you with an experienced guide to get you started.


  • Moonshot thinking,

  • World-building

  • Effectual reasoning

  • Experimental storytelling

  • Scenario planning

We can also help you run ideation sessions to get your team thinking about new business opportunities:

– Design for remote brainstorming

– Expert facilitation for high interactivity

– Expert input from our network of thought-leaders in a range of fields (education, transport, food, data, governance etc.).