Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, many organisations are being forced to make difficult decisions about meetings, conferences and workshops that had been planned to take place during these months. Should we cancel them? Postpone until the restrictions are lifted? Or should we move them online and “meet” virtually?

But the problem with meetings isn’t the pandemic, it has been around for much longer. As Priya Parker says in her book, The Art of Gathering:

“As much as our gatherings disappoint us, though, we tend to keep gathering in the same tired ways. Most of us remain on autopilot when we bring people together, following stale formulas, hoping that the chemistry of a good meeting, conference, or party will somehow take care of itself, that thrilling results will magically emerge from the usual staid inputs. It is almost always a vain hope.”

An experienced facilitator can solve this problem by helping you bring the right people together in a shared space and help them to collectively think, create, debate, envision, and trust each other as they strive for a specific larger purpose. Furthermore, when meeting online, a facilitator can help replicate the closeness and chemistry of in-person encounters in a video-conferencing context by designing for discussion, feedback, active listening, ideation and collective decision making.

The team of designers and facilitators at Performing Ideas takes a holistic approach to designing the best experience for your organisation – taking into account the physical, emotional, intellectual and cultural needs of the participants.

People come out of our online and face-to-face events feeling like they’ve experienced something that can never be repeated again, an experience they have helped make through their participation, and surprised at how a group (sometimes strangers to each other at the outset) can work together so happily, fluidly and productively.