Guiding Principles

– We only work on worthwhile projects that make the world a better place for everyone – always aiming for respect, authenticity and sustainability.
– We take a holistic approach to designing these experiences – taking into account the physical, emotional, intellectual and cultural needs of the participants.
– We co-create with our clients. We will make suggestions and throw many ideas on the table for discussion, but in the end we will create the experience with you to achieve your objectives while working within the unavoidable limits of time and resources, and never forgetting about the experiences of the end user – the participants.
– Multidisciplinary teams have the best ideas and make the best designs. Performing Ideas not employs a diverse international team (ranging across 4 continents) with deep experience from a wide range of backgrounds (tech, innovation, design, theatre, education, science, philosophy), but also each member of the team has expertise across diverse disciplines and all of us are experts in a field quite distinct from a our original training.