Hello and Welcome

I am a writer, designer and teacher and I’m passionate about helping people get their greatest work into the world and turning their big ideas into reality.

My professional background is varied but falls into 3 main areas:

Theatre – I was a professional theatre director and acting teacher for 6 years and I draw heavily on the principles of performance to help leaders tell great stories, improvise when faced with the unexpected and be creative under pressure.

Philosophy – I have an honors degree in Philosophy from the National University of Ireland. I take some of the most helpful and practical ideas from the great philosophers and show how they can be applied in your work and organisation.

Writing – I’ve worked as a professional writer in economics, philosophy, psychology and medicine. I’ve also written and designed numerous speeches for speakers at Ted Talks, the United Nations, Wired, LaWeb, Mobile World Congress, Finovate, and many more.

Three projects in the last 12 months that I am very proud of:
1. Research and training on Leadership in the Field for Médecins Sans Frontières
2. Designing and teaching Leadership Programmes at one of the leading corporate universities in the world.
3. Having more than 1000 subscribers to my writings and videos.